OUr clients - big to small, international to Regional -
ALL with a common goal of building a better tomorrow

Reverence and Respect

At Parker PR, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. But we are serious about maintaining an interconnected client base that benefits from both our reputation and the reputation of the companies with which we work.

Our sincere dedication to (and authentic understanding of) cutting-edge building, energy and transportation methodology has resulted in establishing relationships with like-minded organizations, and particularly those offering the truly viable solutions in today’s trend-driven sea of “all things green."


Diverse and Far-Reaching

We have worked with companies in our backyard and across the globe to convey the fundamental messaging behind their proven, industry leading product, technology and service capabilities—while successfully emphasizing their delivery on the tenets of energy efficiency, reliability and sustainability.

It makes our day when we can connect with a new company that draws benefit from our diverse industry experience, as well as our enthusiasm about working anywhere from Shanghai, China to Sandusky, Ohio.