About the Founder

Jennifer Parker established Parker PR, Inc. in 2007 with more than a decade of combined experience in consumer, business-to-business, entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit and technology public relations.

Her unique capabilities in translating the technical nature of products, systems and services into meaningful, utilitarian messages have been recognized and acclaimed by both her clients and international press contacts across numerous industries.

With a passion and interest in aiding the thoughtful construction of tomorrow's infrastructure, and the responsible use of our earth's resources, Jennifer has merged these personal aims with her expertise to establish a relationship-oriented public relations practice exclusively focused in the energy, infrastructure and transportation industries. 


A leader is as good as its team

The Parker PR team is comprised of bright minds and big thinkers, with an array of talent and an even wider array of backgrounds. From government and construction to design and transportation, our branding strategists, media relations experts, graphic designers and social media gurus offer a unique combination of talents that extend your company's capacity to tell the right story across all the right audiences.

So, why have just one when you can have us all?
Our thoughts exactly.