Who we Are


Jennifer Parker
President & Founder

Jennifer Parker established Parker PR, Inc. in 2007 with more than a decade of combined experience in consumer, business-to-business, entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit and technology public relation. Her unique capabilities in translating the technical nature of products, systems ad services into meaningful, utilitarian messages have been recognized and acclaimed by both her clients and international press contacts across numerous industries. With a passion and interest in aiding the thoughtful construction of tomorrow's infrastructure, and the responsible use of our earth's limited resources, Jennifer has merged these personal aims with her expertise to establish a relationship-oriented public relations practice exclusively focused in the sustainable building and advanced energy sectors. 

Heather Marshman
Vice President

Heather Marshman joined Parker PR in 2014. With a background in marketing and public relations that spans from the transportation industry to the alternative energy building and construction field, Heather has spent her career building domestic and international marketing programs, managing exhibitions and events, creating customer incentive programs and testing and implementing products. An interest in sustainable technologies and a dedication to a job well done make                                                                                                 her a strong leader and a valuable asset to the Parker PR team.

Katherine Baum
Assistant Account Manager

Katherine Baum began working at Parker PR with an extensive background in local and state government and a degree in Environmental Policy from Colorado State University. With a love for the environment and unquestionable writing and communication skills, she transitioned seamlessly into public relations and the mission of Parker PR. Katherine provides an in-depth understanding in the necessity of messaging, be it in                                                                                                       social media or publications, and works tirelessly to give                                                                                                   our clients the right words and the right voice. 

Cori Leek
Project Assistant

Corbin Leek originally joined the team as an intern, holding a degree in Mass Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University where she concentrated her studies in public relations. Corbin brings experience in media relations, research, press release writing and event coordination to the table, having spent a large part of her career working for a Richmond, Virginia-based firm. Her passion for all things PR and a never-ceasing desire to learn makes her an invaluable team member. 


Parker PR regularly engages the skills and efforts of several experienced creative communicators who use art, words, images and film to promote products, projects and services in compelling and professional ways. These team members while also versed in technology and industry, bring ingenuity, imagination and inspiration to projects that are seen and felt by all.