When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.

Aldo Leopold

Supporting a more sustainable tomorrow

Parker PR is prideful of an interconnected client base that benefits from both our reputation and the reputation of the companies we work with. Our sincere dedication to and understanding of the sustainable building and advanced energy movements has resulted in establishing relationships with like-minded organizations and particularly those offering the truly viable solutions in today’s trend driven sea of “all things green".


Working With Parker PR

With a genuine interest in what our clients do, we prefer a “Virtual Employee” work style in which our staff assumes a deep product/service knowledge base, enabling the ability to work seamlessly alongside internal client contacts. This philosophy has cultivated an efficient, cost-saving work environment that has also strengthened our knowledge base in the following key areas.


  • Coding/listing/rating requirements (ex. AFSA, ASHRAE, ASTM, Energy Star, LEED, NAHB, NFSA, NSF, UL)
  • Environmentally compatible chemicals (ex. Paints, coatings, cleaning products)
  • Green furniture design (ex. Non-PVC, non-formaldehyde, reclaimed materials)
  • High performance/energy efficient building products


  • Biofuel development
  • Fuel Cells (Direct Carbon, PEM, Phosphoric Acid, SOFC)
  • Geothermal
  • Ground-air heat exchange
  • Integrated low-temperature systems
  • Solar thermal


  • Air and water remediation
  • Rainwater reclamation


  • Government contracts (ex. DoD, DoE, NIH, SBIR, USDA)