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  • In Italy, known as the world's "barometer" of fashion design and consumption, independent fashion designer Spanioli created his most satisfying piece of fur down jacket in a studio near Montinapoleon Street, thus the CLASNA brand was officially established. The headquarters is set up in Beijing.





  • In 2008, in the gloomy global economic situation, the fashion industry started a price war, CLASNA founders decided to create opportunities in adversity, put forward the "brand" marketing strategy, in the overall downturn of the industry, to create a retrograde brand concept, adhere to the stability of design uniqueness and quality for consumers. Supply value, realize transformation from tradition to value marketing, and stand out in the market and industry.






  • 2010 is the year when CLASNA comes back with a full load. The founder's excellent decision has earned CLASNA the Excellent Award of China Outstanding Marketing Award. The brand's influence in China's domestic market is expanding.

    In the same year, the brand invited Russian national stars to host Eureka Buzeva, and Russian national soccer star Dmitry Tarasov as the brand endorsement, with Russia as the center, CLASNA brand globalization process has fully entered the right track.





  • CLASNA has been selected as a strategic partner of export-oriented enterprises by China International Brand Management Center, a management organization directly under the Ministry of Commerce. It participates in the exploration and research of the development trend of fashion industry. Spanioli's unique design concept is merging fashion elements from all over the world and gradually becoming a trend vane.






  • In the winter of 2013, CLASNA launched a comprehensive brand upgrade to the 21st China Fashion and Garment Exposition with a new look and high profile. It also announced a full-scale launch in Northeast, Northwest, Central and East China to create a new era of national linkage of nearly 200 image and experience stores.







    Faced with the accelerating internationalization process, CLASNA invested in the "Beijing Enterprise Headquarters Base" project and began to transform to a multi-brand integrated group management model. In order to better material selection, design, tailoring and technology for upstream and downstream ecological integration, become a close to the times of information and intelligent fashion brand.







    The women's clothing brand Famirato is founded. After 11 years, CLASNA has absorbed and collided in garment design studios around the world, such as Milan, formally transformed from Spanioli's fur and down sheets into a four-season garment brand.






    In Eastern and Western Europe, Finland, Poland, the United States, and Russia and other countries and regions to create a good business performance.






    CLASNA will continue to sell hot, further accelerate the process of brand internationalization, business territory to Central Europe, North America countries, regions, the main product strategy of fur and down to four seasons clothing brand strategy shift, in coordination with the global clothing research and development studio, achieve brand globalization, create CLASNA world, create the world CLASNA.




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