In 2007, we took our background forged in infrastructure and the energy industries and set out to change the rules around working with a PR agency. No more "client-vendor" model. No more defining performance based on a retainer agreement. Just a bunch of smart, down-to-earth folks focused on telling the stories of those who are also changing the rules - with the way we build, live and move within the world today. 

Since that time, we've established genuine partnership-oriented relationship with out clients, helping them navigate their messaging within a dynamic press and social media landscape, with all of our work based on pre-determined, strategic and measurable outcomes. We are passionate about our work, and would love to learn more about how we can help you tell your "building a better tomorrow" story. 



                       HISTORY                                                EXPERIENCE


We partner with companies who are environmentally minded in the following industries:


  • Coding/listing/rating requirements (ex. AFSA, ASHRAE, ASTM, Energy Star, LEED, NAHB, NFSA, NSF, UL)
  • Environmentally compatible chemicals (ex. Paints, coatings, cleaning products)
  • Green furniture design (ex. Non-PVC, non-formaldehyde, reclaimed materials)
  • High performance/energy efficient building products


  • Air and water remediation
  • Rainwater reclamation


  • Biofuel development
  • Fuel Cells (Direct Carbon, PEM, Phosphoric Acid, SOFC)
  • Geothermal
  • Ground-air heat exchange
  • Integrated low-temperature systems
  • Solar thermal


  • Light electric vehicles
  • Alternative transportation


  • Government contracts (ex. DoD, DoE, NIH, SBIR, USDA)


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